KRONOTHON 3.0 is a challenge designed to inspire the creative and dynamic millennials to put their skills to test, thereby identifying and rewarding the tech & non-tech wizards of the industry.

Being a company that takes pride in being an Employer of Choice, Kronos has always been a patron of innovative product development and recognizing those brilliant minds who can challenge the status quo and come up with fresh ideas. Use this platform to showcase your Technical Prowess or Business Acumen and compete to win fantastic prizes.




We don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges.

A two-step Coding Challenge which will bring out your creativity to solve difficult problems and come up with a solution. If you think you love coding, have mastered the languages and have the zeal to prove yourself, this is the place to be! Come, try your luck and take away the rewards.


The success of your presentation will be judged not by the knowledge you send but by what the listener receives.

A case study challenge which will bring out your finesse to think out of the box, solve real time business problems and come up with a solution. This doesn't end here. If you have the skills to impress the customer rather than informing, you are sure to be a winner.




Webinar / Activities

Finale (Offline)


Anyone who comes with Engineering background and loves coding is eligible to participate/ Anyone who comes with MBA/PGDM/PGPM background and loves to solve live business problems is eligible to participate.

No, there will be no negative marking.

You can take the first online round from the comfort of your home.

The results will be announced in one week from the date of Assessment, you will be notified by email on your selection.

You can code in any of these 4 languages – C, C++, Java, .Net/ Yes, on your selection in the first round, case studies will be shared in advance.

Once you are shortlisted, You will be reached out by an executive from Kronos who will inform you regarding the finale dates, mode of travel and any capping on cost that you would need to keep in mind.

For the two finale days, Kronos will take care of your Breakfast and Lunch, however you will need to manage your stay and dinner.

The results will be announced in one week from the date of Assessment, you will be notified by email on your selection.

You can write to for any queries related to this event. For any technical assistance, you can also reach out to us at or at +91 8287803040

This will depend on what roles/ job openings we have in the system at that point in time.